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Rootgrow friendly mycorrhizal fungi
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Rootgrow friendly mycorrhizal fungi

Online Catalogue |  Rootgrow friendly mycorrhizal fungi

Rootgrow from Plantworks

Rootgrow from Plantworks

What is Rootgrow?
Rootgrow contains a mixture of species of UK origin mycorrhizal fungi. These fungi are completely natural and are grown at our production facilities in Kent. Rootgrow also contains an inert clay carrier which acts as a substrate for the fungi to grow through and a few bio-additives which enhance mycorrhizal colonisation

Rootgrow is the best value plant treatment you will ever buy. With just one application at planting time, your plants will develop a huge secondary root system supplying nutrients and water for their entire lifetime.
Rootgrow has been developed from mycorrhizal fungi that is naturally occurring in the UK.
It is available in several forms so that all types of planting can benefit from it, such as when planting container plants, bare root plants and also when seeding.

Only one application required.

Rootgrow from Plantworks has been tried and tested by the RHS (Royal Horticultural Society) and hence has their logo on the packs

Why use Rootgrow?

Why use Rootgrow?

Plant roots in all soils have a relationship with micro-organisms and a very important sector are the mycorrhizal fungi.

When planting out the roots are put into an environment where there are often relatively few mycorrhizal fungi established. This can result in poor estabishment of new plants, especially when replacing plants in an area such as roses.

When there is an abundance of mycorrhizal fungi estblished around a root system white mycelium develop giving an appearance as seen in the picture on the right. This is extremely healthy for the growth of the plant and its roots.

Rootgrow's giving many beneffits including:

Better establishment and future growth of the plant.
Increased drought tolerance as it allows the roots to make better use of the soil moisture.
Increased uptake of nutrients in the soil.
Better uptake of fertilisers when applied after planting (the network of mycorrhizal fungi act like a net catching nutrients and preventing leaching, especially with natural fertilisers)

RHS Rootgrow - granules

RHS Rootgrow - granules


75g sachet 2.99
150g sachet 4.99
360g sachet 9.99

Ready to use granules. The rates shown below is related to the size of pot you are planting.

75g sachet. - will treat up to 4 x 2 or 3 litre pots or one 15 litre pot. - Price: £2.99
150g sachet - will treat up to 8 x 2 or 3 litre pots or one 50 litre pot - Price: £4.99
360g sachet - will treat up to a 19 x 2 or 3 litre pots or one 100 litre container. - £9.99

2 or 3 litre pot has a diameter of approximately 15-17cm (6-7 inches)

Rootgrow Professional 2.5 litre pack

Rootgrow Professional 2.5 litre pack


1 x 2.5 litre 45.60
2 x 2.5 litre 90.00
3 x 2.5 litre 135.00

Suitable for Garden Designers, Landscapers and private individuals with large gardens or planting projects.

Treats up to 100 x 2 or 3 litre pots

2 or 3 litre pot has a diameter of approximately 15-17cm (6-7 inches)

Rootgrow granules with gel  1kg

Rootgrow granules with gel 1kg

Price: 24.99


Rootgrow powder with gel is designed to treat bare rooted plants such as hedging, fruit canes, roses and trees. This product is a two step process, firstly you mix the enclosed sachet of powder with water to create a gel, add the rootgrow granules, stir well and then dip the roots of your plants to be treated into this solution.

One pouch will treat up to 450 bare root whips.

RHS Supreme Lawn Seed  - 1kg

RHS Supreme Lawn Seed - 1kg

Price: 12.99


Supreme Green lawn seed with rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi is suitable for creating new lawns or for overseeding and repairing worn patches on established lawns. The grasses establish very quickly and are chosen for their natural toughness and vitality producing a good-looking, hardwearing lawn able to cope with everyday family use.

One pack is enough to treat 40 sq m (45 sq yds) as patch and repair or 28 sq m (31 sq yds) as a new lawn.

Mini Meadow Wild flower Seed with Rootgrow 500ml

One of the Empathy range of products from Plantworks

Empathy mini meadow is the ideal way to achieve the perfect habitat for pollinating insects (bees, bugs & butterflies). Containing wild flower seeds, a soil conditioner and Rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi. The flower seeds contained in Mini Meadow are all listed by the RHS as perfect for pollinators.

The easy sow pack contains adequate wild flower seed to cover 3 sq m and is ideal for a as it requires very little aftercare. It is a valuable tool to teach children the importance of bio-diversity in gardening.