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Rootex - root control products
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Rootex - root control products

Online Catalogue |  Rootex - root control products

Rootex Information

- Keeps the roots where you want them
- Stops the roots tips from spreading and creates a fibrous root system
- Ideal for use in the garden to stop plants from spreading
- Available as a bag to keep new plants and their roots under control
- Available by the metre length creating a barrier that prevents established plant roots penetrating into undesirable areas, such as drive, paths and drains
- Rootex products are used in the professional market to control plant roots

For Further Information

Rootex Bag

Rootex Bag


Rootex bag size
10 litre bag - 16cm (6") diamater, 24cm (10") depth (4.30)
18 litre bag - 24cm (8") diameter, 35cm (14") depth (5.45)
45 litre bag - 30cm (12") diameter, 45cm (18") depth (9.95)
95 litre bag - 45cm (16") diameter, 45cm (18") depth (14.95)

Rootex bags are ideal for lining pots and containers to prevent root circling. The copper coating on the inside of the bag prevents roots from penetrating the bag. Available in five sizes:
- 10 litre bag - 16cm (6") diamater, 24cm (10") depth
- 18 litre bag - 24cm (8") diameter, 35cm (14") depth
- 45 litre bag - 30cm 12") diameter, 45cm (18" depth
- 91 litre bag - 45cm (16") diameter, 45cm (18") depth

Other sizes can be made to order please phone or contact us by email for further information

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Rootex Barrier

Rootex Barrier


Rootex barrier width
45 cm (18 inch) (8.50)
90 cm (3 feet) (17.00)
1.80 cm (6 feet) (32.50)

Rootex barrier is normally laid vertically in a trench and can be used in many ways to prevent movement of roots sideways. Unlike other barriers, Rootex allows passing of water and nutrients.
It comes in several widths from 45cm (18 inches), 90cm (3 feet) and 1.8m (6 feet). It is sold by the linear metre.

In most cases the feeder roots that need to be controlled are up to 45cm deep (18 inches). If you are not sure of the depth required then dig a test pit to see how far the roots go down. Remember that many trees have tap roots and these go down almost vertically and it is not normally necessary to control these roots. In certain cases wider rolls will be required such as for drains and building regulations

The wider rolls can also be laid down horizontally in areas where you are trying to stop the roots from coming to the surface