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Bahco Pruning Tools for the landscaper and gardener

Online Catalogue |  Bahco Pruning Tools for the landscaper and gardener

Bahco Pruning Loppers

Bahco produce a wide range of loppers to suit every type of user. Many of their tools are super light. The lopper blades can be replaced on the professional range.

In all my years in horticulture I have used

Bahco Pruning Saws

All Bahco pruning saws are manufactured in the world's largest handsaw factory, in Bollinas, Sweden where they have been manufacutred for more than 130 years.
Bahco saws are regarded very highly by any trade and business that uses saws. They use high quality steel blades that give an exceptional good cut for a long time

They inlcude a wide range of pruning saws to suit every horticulurist's need. They are very cost effective. All Bahco saws come with a strong reusable guard to protect the saw blade and prevent accidents.

Bahco Shears

The Bahco have a range to suit all the garden needs. Shears are available for hedging, shrubs and grass.
All Bahco shears have well balanced handles with shock absorbing buffers reduce impact on wrists and elbows. Fully hardened sharp blades gives durability and robustness.

Bahco Extension poles and top pruners

The lightweight aluminium extension poles can be fitted with either top pruners and certain Bahco saws.
The poles are easily extendable

Bahco sharpeners

Keep secateurs and loppers sharp using a Bahco sharpener

Bhaco Scissors and Snippers

Bahco floral scissors and vineyard snippers

Why Bahco tools

Why use Bahco tools?

Bahco is a French company that is well known for produing a wide range of trade tools including horticulture, arboriculture and gardening. Many DIY and trade personnel will recognise their name as being of the highest quality.

Bahco tools are used by professional growers throughout the UK and Europe. Most of their tools are made in France and the saws are made in Sweden.

I have always used Bahco tools and in my opinion their tools are the best. I started using them wehn they were recommended to me as a horticutltural student many years ago.